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Community Health Care Network Hospital Is The Foremost Hospital Built And Managed By The Community Health Care Network.

Community Healthcare Network-Ng (Chcn-Ng) Is A Non-Profit Non-Governmental Charity Organization Duly Registered In The United States Of America And Nigeria With A 501(C)(3) Exempt Status. Our Grassroots Efforts Spans Over A Decade Of Self Funded Free bi-Annual Medical Missions Serving The Under-Served And Marginalized Populations Of Nigeria, West Africa.  

Our Hospital Boasts Of Affiliation With Morris Heights Health Center Located At 85 West Burnside Avenue, Bronx Ny 10453 Usa


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We believe that every person should be treated with respect and dignity. We view our relationship with you as special and integral to your health.

We believe that a good relationship with your doctor is as important to your health as a healthy lifestyle.

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Dental Services

As a primary treatment center for patients seeking comprehensive oral health care. The primary services offered are general dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our services provide free evaluation

This residential care facility is a home away from home for people over 65.We offer care and health services at our facilities to help the elderly and disabled maintain their independence and dignity. We promote health by preventing  and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

We Provide Prenatal,Antenatal, postnatal care check-ups

Our goal is to provide regular Prenatal,Antenatal, postnatal care check-ups that allow doctors or midwives to treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy and to promote healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child. During check-ups, pregnant women receive medical information over maternal physiological changes in pregnancy , biological changes,and prenatal nutrition including prenatal vitamins. Recommendations on management and healthy lifestyle changes are also made during regular check-ups.

Comprehensive Primary care

We serve community health services for HIV/AIDS and TB care to non-communicable diseases.We also focus on preventative medicine, laboratory testing,and treatments for both acute and chronic health issues for children, adolescents and adults.

Physical Therapy rehabilitation

Our Physical Therapists (PT) work with the patients and their physicians to develop an individualized plan of care to help our patients achieve independent and optimal functional mobility.

We now offer Full accredited Auxiliary Nursing trainee programs. An

auxiliary nurse has an important job and will have a number of

responsibilities and duties to uphold throughout the working day.

In a hospital setting, while an auxiliary nurse will report to a healthcare professional, the key responsibility is to ensure that a

patient is comfortable. In a community setting, such as in our residential care home or assisted living facility, many patients are

incapacitated or disabled, with limited mobility, and so an auxiliary nurse will be required to conduct basic patient care. This will

include: washing and toileting patients, dressing patients, feeding at meal times, as well as logging food and fluid intake for patient

records, changing bed linen, making patients feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

A more experienced auxiliary nurse may also be required to conduct minor medical procedures, including: monitoring blood pressure, taking

temperatures, monitoring weight, in some cases, administering medication to patients, however this will often be supervised by a


An auxiliary nurse acting as an assistant to a therapist will have a different range of responsibilities that are dependent on the field

within which they are working; this could include: setting up equipment for a therapy session, ensuring that a patient is calm and

prepared for a therapy session, assisting a therapist in administering treatment, administrative duties, including taking notes and ensuring

that patient records are accurate and up to date An auxiliary nurse working in a GP surgery will have slightly different responsibilities,

including: conducting health checks on patients, ensuring medical equipment is sterilized, restocking consulting rooms, processing and taking lab, urine and blood samples,

undertaking healthcare promotion or health education work.

Our nursing home care services is intended mainly for clients who are well enough to be discharged from hospital, but are still in need of a nurse to perform preventative, therapeutic and/or rehabilitative services which can be short-term, long-term, shift schedule-based, hourly, daily or weekly. We offer

– Long Term Residential care

– Dementia / Alzheimer’s care

– Convalescent care

– Respite care

– Acquired Brain Injury care

– Mental Health care support

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As an important element of national security, public health not only functions to provide adequate and timely medical care but also track, monitor, and control disease outbreak. The Nigerian health care had suffered several infectious disease outbreaks year after year. Hence, there is need to tackle the problem. This study aims to review the state of the Nigerian health care system and to provide possible recommendations to the worsening state of health care in the country. To give up-to-date recommendations for the Nigerian health care system, this study also aims at reviewing the dynamics of health care in the United States, Britain, and Europe with regards to methods of medical intelligence/surveillance.